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General Health And Seafty

Basic knowledge of health and safety is essential for all employees in all industries to ensure that workplace risks are recognised and managed effectively.

Health and safety in the workplace course is designed to provide employees with the requisite knowledge, or refresher training, needed in order provide a safe working environment within your organisation. This includes an understanding of legal responsibilities, accident prevention and an overview of some of the key areas of workplace health and safety.

Who Should Take This Course? Everyone in the workplace, no matter the industry, is required to take sufficient and appropriate health and safety training. This training course is suitable for workers of all abilities and is intended as a ‘foundation’ level course, designed to maintain learners’ health and safety knowledge.

 Aims of the Training

By the end of this course learners will:

Have knowledge of basic health and safety procedures.
Understand the responsibilities of employers and employees under health and safety legislation.
Understand the importance of undertaking a risk assessment to prevent and control hazards.
Know how to follow the correct safety procedures in the workplace.
Understand the hazards and ill-health effects associated with specific work activities and processes.