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Combined Space Rescue


Designed for any individual that is required to work in an area where by virtue of the areas design, it is not intended to support human occupancy. This course gives the attendee a working knowledge of the government regulations and requirements to ensure that a confined space is safe for worker entry. It provides general practical experience in the use of gas detection equipment, as well as selection and usage of respiratory protection equipment.


  • Identify confined space.

  • Familiar with the hazards of confined spaces.

  • Know the correct procedure for entering such areas.

  • Know the PTW system.

  • Know the correct procedure for working in such areas.

Topics Covered:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Definition of a Confined Space

  • Worker Responsibility

  • Confined Space Entry Permits

  • Isolation and Purging

  • Potential Hazards

  • Inspections

  • Proper Selection of Respiratory Protection

Practical Exercises:

  • Personal H2S Monitor Use

  • Explosion Meters (LEL / UEL) Use
    Three Way Monitor Use

  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus

  • Hoisting and Lowering of Injured Workers.

Course Duration : 1 Day