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Health and Safety Management System

A Health and Safety Management System provides a systematic way to identify hazards and control risks while maintaining assurance that these controls are effective. A Health and Safety Management System provides the organization with the basis for goal setting, planning, and measuring performance. The Health and Safety Management System must be woven into the fabric of an organization. It becomes part of the culture; the way people do their jobs.

MAKK is committed to the structure of Health and Management Systems that enables and empowers every organization with the ability to reduce workplace illnesses and injuries. MAKK is able to provide the technical resources, an outline of organizational authority and responsibilities, guidance to the organization to assist with the systematic identification of workplace hazards along with recommendations to eliminate or to control those hazards.

MAKK acknowledges that executive leadership is the backbone of this system. MAKK is able to design or offer this type of training to both management, supervisors/managers and employees/personnel. As designed, the HSMS identifies management to lead, for personnel to analyze the worksite for hazards, and for both to assume responsibility for hazards to be eliminated or controlled. An effective and functioning program is the sum of all the parts.

Why Choose MAKK Consultancy Services?

  • All of our consultants are highly qualified, have a wealth of experience and have been hand-picked for their practical and approachable manner.

  • We always ensure that the advice and documentation we offer is legally- compliant and practical.If required, we can use the client’s own documentation.

  • Independent and practical consultancy support aligned to your business objectives

  • Worldwide coverage to service you efficiently and keep costs to a minimum

  • Confidence of a high quality service in line with ISO 9001:2015

  • Reassurance that you are working with a very experienced team of providing a wide range of expertise