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Safety Audit 

MAKK is carrying out Safety Audits for all types of Buildings and Industries including Hotels,Hospital,Residential,School,Manufacturing Industries,Chemical Plants,Power Plants,FMCG,Moulding,Mines and many more.

“Organizations with a positive safety culture are characterized by communications founded on mutual trust, by shared perceptions of the importance of safety and by confidence in the efficacy of preventive measures.”

At MAKK, we believe in nurturing a strong culture of safety and we continuously put effort into ensuring our clients maintain a safe working environment. We do this by offering a comprehensive health, safety, environmental and risk management consultancy service for commercial buildings, construction sites, banks, warehouses, manufacturing units, small, medium and large industrial plants and office premises. With teams located across India we are one of the leading providers of Safety Audits for any location.

MAKK Safety Audit Consultants have extensive experience and technical expertise that is highly valued in the industry. At MAKK, we don’t just practice and deliver health and safety services for our clients, we also provide them with highly relevant and up-to-date education and training.


Our Service Include
– Safety Audit
– Electrical Safety Audit
– Fire Safety Audits
– Risk Assessment & HAZOP Study
– Construction Safety Audit

You can be a large or small organization. You can be high hazard or low risk. But one thing every organization has in common is that they need to make sure that they follow good health, safety and environmental practices. We examine all facilities and the activities of an organization from a safety perspective,assess the current level of prevention, protection and emergency management preparedness and subsequently prepare an action plan to upgrade safety procedures to avert mishaps and limit consequences.

Benefits of Safety Audit are:

It will contribute to your compliance strategy going forward, which in turn will assist you in providing a safe working environment, boost employee morale and increase productivity

Client Fire Safety:

The main objective of any safety audit is to carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving personnel, plant, services and operational methods in order to ensure that existing Health and Safety practices fully satisfy the requirements stipulated by law. It is also imperative to ensure that your employees feel safe working in your organization.