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Office Safety

Designed for all office workers this training covers all topic relating to an office environment. Employees will develop and understanding for their responsibilities for keeping themselves and colleague safe at work


While accidents involving office personnel occur less frequently than to industrial workers, office work can still present significant risks to physical and mental health. Employers have moral, legal and financial duties to provide staff with an awareness of these risks.

In a, clear and engaging way, this office safety course helps employees understand the responsibility they have for both the safety of themselves and their colleagues.

Course Objective

Help business create safer, happier and healthier working environment. Furthermore, support the compliance of business to the range of Health & Safety regulations that relate of an office environment.

Office Safety Course Content

UNIT 1. | Introduction to health and safety

We begin with explaining why businesses must manage health and safety at work. Then detail employer and employee responsibilities. Following this we outline common arrangements for managing safety.

UNIT 2. | Working Safely

This unit begins by explaining risks assessments. After this we outline how staff can work safety amongst common office hazards. Specifically, Risk assessments Fire safety, First aid, Accident & incident reporting, Slips, trips and falls, Electrical safety, Work-related stress, Display screen equipment, Manual handling. Other office hazards

Course Duration: 2 hours