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Fire Watcher

This course is for participant whom need to become a Fire Watcher or Fire Watchmen.

All work activities declared under hot works require at least one appointed trained fire watcher when apply for hot work permit.

As this course covers all fire emergency safety, it is suitable for participant whom need to undertake as Fire Safety Committee member such as fire wardens and security officers for office building.

What will this course cover?

  • Introduction to Fire Safety Requirements

  • Case studies on past incidents

  • Concept and behaviour of combustion

  • Understanding fire hazards and fire controls

  • Definition and planning of Hot works

  • Responsibilities and duties of fire watcher and emergency key appointment holders

  • Fire extinguishing equipment

  • How to apply basic first aid

  • Firefighting training

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for personnel becoming a fire watchman, fire warden, fire patroller, security guard and key fire safety appointment holders and all other employees (particularly new employees) who require a basic knowledge of fire safety awareness training.